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Fellow Internet Marketer, layl5

I’ve had some burning internet marketing list questions on my mind lately, maybe you have too. Not questions on how to build a list, there’s plenty of information on that, but questions about what to do with a list once you have one. 

If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend all your time painstakingly growing your list, and then not know how to get potential customers to become paying customers! Or worse... do something wrong that would make them all rush to unsubscribe! 

What better place to find the answers than with the internet marketing experts! No fewer than 11 marketing pros with the big lists were grilled on just exactly how they manage their lists and turn their list members into customersTheir answers? - Thoughtful. Informative. Useful. Free!

This information is so good, I’ve gathered up all their answers and packed them into a report called Look After Your List. It’s yours, free, right now. This 26 page PDF report will take you right past building a list and straight to building list loyalty. It’s time to make some money with your list!

These successful internet marketers have been building their lists in the trenches for years, and they know more than a thing or two about list do’s and don’ts!

        sdi_rd Erik Stafford  
        sdi_rd Tom Kulzer's AWeber team  
        sdi_rd Daryl & Andrew Grant
        sdi_rd Mike Ambrosio   
        sdi_rd Nicole Dean  
        sdi_rd Gene Sower  
        sdi_rd Heidi Richards
        sdi_rd Tim Brocklehurst  
        sdi_rd John Thornhill  
        sdi_rd Matt Bacak  
        sdi_rd Tiffany Dow

And here’s just some of what you’ll find inside the report:

  • How to find the absolute best time of the month, week, and hour to email your list for maximum open rates.  Page 14
  • Why this marketing pro starts off with these 3 emails, and how you can too!  Page 19
  • Find out the one great tip this marketing team advises everyone to follow.
    Page 21
  • Many list owners make this one big mistake, but it’s easy to fix if you know what to do!  Page 6
  • How to take special care of your list to turn subscribers into paying customers.  Page 8
  • How this big-list marketer tracks everything his subscribers do with this easy software.  Page 9 
  • Find out what 3 things will turn off your list members. Are you guilty of doing these?  Page 21
  • What was the #1 most important tip they all shared with me?  Page 26


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Hi Peggy

I've just read through your report 'Look After Your List' and wanted to say well done on keeping it real.

You've obviously spent some time getting real answers to some important question from people who are making money by looking after their lists.

There's a lot of valuable info in your report for anyone starting out.

Thanks for making it free, I'm sure my list will appreciate it.

Warm Regards,

Randy Smith



Peg -

Thank you so much for your new e-book!

This is exactly what I needed and when I needed it. As a communication expert, I am often asked about the best ways to communicate with clients. In fact I was just having a discussion on a private forum I belong to about this very issue of taking care of a list and what that means. Your e-book has fabulous insights on almost every page. It's excellent to see so many "heavy hitters" and their detailed responses to how to take care of a list.

I am so grateful you put this together and offered it to us!

To everyone else-- click Peg's link and get her e-book. It's fabulous for anyone who has a list of any size!

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.
Communication Consultant, Speaker & Coach



The Look After Your List report is packed with good tips about how to look after your list. Got a list? Great! Now find out how the pros take care of theirs. Don’t spend all your energy growing your list and then not know what to do with it to make maximum profits.

Peggy Baron 

P.S.  The Look After Your List report is a must-read for new internet marketers, but experienced marketers can benefit from reading it too. This report is for anyone who wants to learn more about how to maintain their lists.

P.P.S.  Come on, aren’t you curious to see what these successful marketers are doing? 

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